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Academic Services

We provide customized, one-on-one tutoring in sciences, mathematics, language arts, social studies, and Spanish. Our tutors have experience working with students with IEPs and students who receive accommodations in school.


Our tutors provide academic support for students at all levels, whether a student is struggling to grasp the fundamentals or just wants to master the finer points of the material.
Working with students one-on-one allows our tutors to delve into whatever students need the most help with. We customize our explanations and approaches to engage with students' specific learning styles in a way that is not always possible in the classroom. In addition to mastery of the subject, Study Smarter tutors also bring enthusiasm and passion for the material and aim to share it with their students.

Study Skills

While many students need help with challenging content, others may need more support with foundational study skills and organization.
Students struggle with their academic workloads for a variety of reasons, such as difficulty setting aside time for schoolwork, lack of motivation, and disorganization. We recognize that students deal with stress and distractions every day; our goal is to foster skills that enable students to overcome those stresses and distractions. To that end, we offer personalized help developing those crucial study skills, including help creating and implementing systems for academic organization.


In addition to helping with academics, our tutors act as positive role models for their students.
Most of our tutors are young adults who are still immersed in, or not far removed from, education and who therefore understand the challenges students face. Furthermore, we aim to match each student with a tutor who can relate well to the student because of their personalities and interests. In our experience, a strong relationship between the tutor and the student not only improves the student's academic learning but also helps the student build life skills.